class I-IV

Heavy reinforcement cabinets SPN are a new product line developed to meet the constantly growing customer demands. They provide excellent protection for valuable items, cash, files, and documents. The cabinets are made using a new technology with innovative wall and door filling components in the form of high-strength nano concrete.

The use of top-quality materials and a modern production line, utilizing automated and robotic machinery, ensures the highest quality and repeatability of execution. Proven solutions guarantee easy operation and reliable performance. The cabinets are covered with a durable, easy-to-clean lacquer.

Customers have the option to order cabinets with various configurations of key, mechanical, and electronic locks.

Technical parameters:

  • Multi-layer construction filled with highly durable nano concrete,
  • sturdy three-point locking system,
  • advanced locking mechanism driven by a handle,
  • cabinets equipped with certified locks with various configurations,
  • external door hinges allowing full opening (180 degrees),
  • locks protected against drilling and forced entry,
  • bolts secured against forced entry,
  • sturdy anchors for securing the cabinet to the floor,
  • adjustable, removable shelves,
  • possibility of installing an internal safe deposit box.

Additional equipment:

  • key lock
  • combination lock
  • electronic lock
  • internal compartment
  • shelf



Heavy reinforcement cabinets SPN class I

ModelExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Capacity
Number of shelvesWeight
SPN I 40400510360320418195261105
SPN I 60600510520520418355771170
SPN I 80800510450720418285852210
SPN I 10010005105209204183551363250
SPN I 120120061052011205183552063340
SPN I 140140061052013205183552423430

Heavy reinforcement cabinets SPN class II

ModelExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Capacity
Number of shelvesWeight
SPN II 40400510360320418195261105
SPN II 60600510520520418355771170
SPN II 80800510450720418285852210
SPN II 10010005105209204183551363250
SPN II 120120061052011205183552063340
SPN II 140140061052013205183552423430

Szafa pancerna SPN kl III

ModelWymiary zewnętrzne (mm)Wymiary wewnętrzne (mm)Pojemność
Ilość półekWaga
SPN III 69640465485561386340741270
SPN III 908555154857764363401152365
SPMN III 1009554654858763863401152320
SPN III 1009355155858564364401662435
SPN III 120115560558510765264602632560
SPN III 130125561558511765364402803600
SPN III 150145561558513765364403283660
SPN III 140133578558512567064403953690
SPN III 170167578558515967064405014830
SPN III 200190578558518267064405744940

Szafa pancerna SPN kl IV

ModelWymiary zewnętrzne (mm)Wymiary wewnętrzne (mm)Pojemność
Ilość półekWaga
SPN IV 69640465485561386340741270
SPN IV 908555154857764363401152365
SPMN IV 1009554654858763863401152320
SPN IV 1009355155858564364401662435
SPN IV 120115560558510765264602632560
SPN IV 130125561558511765364402803600
SPN IV 150145561558513765364403283660
SPN IV 140133578558512567064403953690
SPN IV 170167578558515967064405014830
SPN IV 200190578558518267064405744940