Locker room suites

The special design of ZS locker room suites makes it possible to use a small area of the room for locker rooms, especially in plants working in shifts. Checkroom sets are offered in 5-door, 10-door designs, as well as with a shelf only. Standard sets are made with a bench and shoe storage grate and are equipped with hangers.

In order to ensure easy cleaning, the sets are made with a slanted roof with an inclination of 25°.

Technical parameters:

Standard equipment:

  • B – cylinder lock;
  • Hangers:
    (a) 5 pcs for ZS – 0;
    b) 5 pcs for ZS – 5;
    (c) 10 pcs for ZS – 10.

Additional equipment:

  • door numbering;
  • fob;
  • PE seats.

Logistical minimums apply.



ModelHeight ext. (int.)Width ext. (int.)Depth ext. (int.)LockWeight (kg)
ZS - 021701150750B60
ZS – 52170 (245)1150 (249)750 (470)B62
ZS - 102170 (245)1150 (248)750 (470)B75

Standard color RAL 7035