Food boxes

Breakfast lockers are a dining room accessory and are used to store dishes and cutlery, as well as food brought by employees.

  • Breakfast lockers are offered in two designs,
  • They can be 12- or 18-boxes in columns of six compartments each.
  • There are holes on the back wall for wall mounting.
  • The modular design means that they can be combined into larger sets.

Technical parameters:

  • body and door construction of single panel;
  • doors set on internal hinges, closed with a single-point cylinder lock.

Additional equipment:

  • door numbering.

Logistical minimums apply.



ModelHeight ext. (int.)Width ext. (int.)Depth ext. (int.)LockWeight (kg)
SW-121500 (214)450 (216)300 (275)B29
SW-181500 (214)676 (216)300 (275)B39

Standard color  RAL 7035