Clothing lockers

SU closet cabinets are an aesthetically pleasing and functional product. They allow a comprehensive development of social rooms. Equipped with cylindrical locks, they ensure the protection of left things. Ventilation holes in the doors allow effective air exchange. Cabinets are covered with durable, easy-to-clean powder varnish. It is possible to apply individual design solutions.

Technical parameters:

Standard equipment:

  • B – cylinder lock;
  • single-point door locking;
  • Masters system locks.

Additional equipment:

  • bench for SU1c/1d, SU1c/1dp, SUL1c/2d (300 and 400 mm long);
  • bench for SU2c/2d, SU2c/4d, SU2c/8d (600 mm long);
  • bench for SU2c/2dp, SUL2c/2d, SU3c/3d (800 and 900 mm long);
  • three-point locking;
  • set of feet (150 mm);
  • door numbering;
  • key fobs.

Logistical minimums apply.



ModelHeightWidthDepthLock typeWeight (kg)
SU 1c/1d1800300500B19
SU 1c/1dp1800400500B25
SU 2c/2d1800600500B33
SU 2c/2dp1800800500B49
SU 3c/3d1800900500B47
SU 2c/4d1800600500B34
SU 2c/8d1800600500B38
SUL 1c/2d1800400500B30
SUL 2c/4d1800800500B53
SU 1c/1ds1975300500Bb21
SU 2c/2ds1975600500B37
SU 2c/2dps1975800500B54
SU 3c/3ds1975900500B52
SUL 2c/4ds1975800500B58

c – column

d – door

p – internal partition

Standard color RAL 7035