Office safes SG

I-II class of burglary resistance

SG cabinet safes provide effective protection of values according to European standards PN-EN 1143-1, confirmed by IMP certificate.

For securing monetary values of jewelry, documents and other valuables.

The safes provide effective protection due to the applied construction of the body and doors, protection against bolt breakage, drilling and lock breakage, and the possibility of fixing the safe to the ground.

They have adjustable shelves, the number of which depends on the height of the safe, at the request of the customer can be equipped with lockers.

The safes have a multi-layer reinforced body and door construction. The single-leaf door with an opening angle of 180° is equipped with a three-sided locking mechanism, and fixed bolts are installed on the hinged side. The locking mechanism is driven by a handle, for its locking an approved key lock of class A is used. According to the customer’s own requirements, it is possible to order a safe with one or two certified key, combination or electronic locks.

Durability and aesthetics of workmanship:
The safes are made of high quality materials that guarantee high quality and repeatability. Locks of reputable companies and proven design solutions guarantee easy operation and trouble-free operation. The safes are covered with durable, easy-to-clean powder paint.



Office safes SG class I

ModelExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Capacity (L)Number of shelvesWeight
SGI 40400510360275 (125)385 (125)175 (185)18162
SGI 5050051045037538526538171
SGI 6060051052047538533561180
SGI 7070051052057538533574191
SGI 80800510520675385335871101
SGI 10010005105208753853351122122
SGI 120120051052010753853351382143
SGI 140140051052012753853351643163
SGI 160160051052014753853351903184
SGI 180180051052016753853352163205
Standard color RAL 7035

Office safes SG class II

ModelExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Capacity (L)Number of shelvesWeight
Wys. Szer. Gł. Wys. Szer. Gł.
SGII 60600510520475 (125)385 (125)335 (185)611110
SGII 80800510520675385335871138
SGII 10010005105208753853351122167
SGII 120120051052010753853351382195
SGII 140140051052012753853351643224
SGII 160160051052014753853351903252
SGII 180180051052016753853352163279
Standard color RAL 7035