Heavy reinforcement safes HR provide effective protection for valuables according to European standards PN-EN 1143-1, confirmed by the IMP certificate:

To secure cash, jewelry, documents, and other valuable items.

Heavy reinforcement safes offer effective protection through their reinforced body and doors, resistance against drilling, punching, and lock tampering, as well as the option for floor mounting.

They feature adjustable shelves, the quantity of which depends on the safe’s height, and can be equipped with compartments upon the client’s request.

The body and doors are filled with special concrete and reinforcement to ensure burglary protection. Single-wing doors with a 180° opening angle are equipped with a three-sided locking mechanism, with fixed bolts on the hinge side.

The locking mechanism is operated by a handle, and a certified class lock is used for locking. According to the client’s requirements, safes can be ordered with one or two certified key, combination, or electronic locks.

Durability and aesthetics:
Heavy reinforcement safes are made of high-quality materials guaranteeing high quality and repeatability of construction. Locks from renowned companies and proven structural solutions ensure easy operation and reliable performance.

The safes are covered with durable, easy-to-clean lacquer.

Technical parameters:

  • Multi-layer construction filled with special concrete
  • Sturdy three-point locking
  • Fixed bolts securing the doors against opening after hinges are broken
  • External door hinges
  • Door opening angle of 180 degrees
  • Protection of bolts against forced entry
  • Protection of the lock against drilling and tampering
  • Key lock (lock class depends on product class)
  • Anchor for floor mounting
  • Adjustable shelves

Additional equipment:

  • Key lock
  • Combination lock
  • Electronic lock
  • Internal compartment
  • Shelf



Heavy reinforcement safes class I

External dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Capacity (L)Number of shelvesWeight
SPI 40 400510360 275385175181120
SPI 60600510520475385335611190
SPI 80800510450675385265702240
SPI 10010005105208753853351123290
SPI 120120061052010754853351753390
Standard color RAL 7035

Heavy reinforcements safes class II

ModelExternal dimensions(mm)Internal(mm)Capacity (L)Number of shelvesWeight
SPII 40 400510360 275385175181125
SPII 60600510520475385335611200
SPII 80800510450675385265702255
SPII 10010005105208753853351123310
SPII 120120061052010754853351753415
Standard color RAL 7035

Heavy reinforcements safes class III

ModelExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Capacity (L)Number of shelvesWeight (kg)
SPIII 909005605307764363451172465
SPIII 1009805606308564364451662549
SPIII 120120065065010765264652632703
SPIII 130130066063011765364452803758
SPIII 150150066063013765364453283850
SPIII 140138083063012567064453953925
SPIII 1701720830630159670644550141104
SPIII 2001950830630182670644557441228
Standard color RAL 7035

Heavy reinforcement safes class IV

ModelExternal dimensions (mm)Internal dimension (mm)Capacity (L)Number of shelvesWeight (kg)
SPIV 909205805507764363451172495
SPIV 10010005806508564364451662583
SPIV 120120065065010565064452382721
SPIV 130132068065011765364452803799
SPIV 150152068065013765364453283895
SPIV 140140085065012567064453953971
SPIV 1701740850650159670644550141157
SPIV 2001970850650182670644557441286
Standard color RAL 7035

heavy reinforcement safes class V

ModelExternal dimension (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Capacity (L)Number of shelvesWeight (kg)
SP V 909205805507764363451172495
SP V 10010005806508564364451662583
SP V 120120065065010565064452382721
SP V 130132068065011765364452803799
SP V 150152068065013765364453283895
SP V 140140085065012567064453953971
SP V 1701740850650159670644550141157
SP V 2001970850650182670644557441286
Standard color RAL 7035