Cabinets for classified documents

type 1 and 2 according to council of ministers of the Republic of Poland

Cabinets for classified documents TYPE 1 and 2 provide effective protection of restricted documents confirmed by the IMP certificate.

The products meet the requirements contained in the REGULATION OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS of May 29, 2012.
On physical security measures used to secure classified information
(Journal of Laws item 683 of 19.06.2012)

Security of restricted and confidential documents in secret offices.

A wide range of dimensions allows for optimal selection of the cabinet for the premises. Adjustable shelves allow convenient management of the interior of the cabinet. In the additionally mounted locker we can protect important documents and stamps from general access.

On the door there are non-removable pegs with holes for stringing and a bowl for stamping.

Durability and aesthetics of workmanship:
The cabinets are made of high-quality metal sheets processed on modern machines, which guarantees high quality and repeatability.
Locks of reputable companies and proven design solutions guarantee long and trouble-free operation.
Cabinets are covered with durable, easy-to-clean powder varnish.

Technical parameters:

Standard equipment:

  • K – key lock in cl. A (lock type 2);
  • Pins and sealing cup.

Additional equipment:

  • internal locker;
  • shelf.



Cabinets for classified documents type I

ModelExternal dimensions (mm)Capacity (dm3)Number of shelvesLockWeight (kg)
MST1 - 10115007005004253K46
MST1 - 20119908004355624K66
MST1 - 20219909004356344K71
MST1 - 203199010004357064K77
MST1 - 20419908005006524K70
MST1 - 20519909005007364K76
MST1 - 206199010005008204K81
Standard color RAL 7035

Cabinets for classified documents type II

ModelExternal dimensions (mm)Capacity (dm3)Number of shelvesLockWeight (kg)
Standard color RAL 7035