Night depository drop safes are produced in accordance with European Standard  PN – EN 1143-1. They ensure effective protection of d valuable objects which is  confirmed by IMP (Institute of Precision Mechanics) certificate of Class DII burglary resistance. Safes  are destined to twenty-hour money drop and are produced in two versions: mechanical and electronic.
Materials used to build safes guarantee high quality and repeatability of wares. The bolt mechanism is moved by a handle and blocked by a certificated key lock.
Thanks to verified, repeatedly checked constructional solutions and use of locks produced by prestigious companies, our safes are easy to use and work faultlessly. Safes are covered with a layer of varnish powder, easy to keep clean.

We offer our customers safes with various types of locks.

Technical parameters:

  • controlled access by using of key
  • multi-layered, reinforcement construction
  • solid, three-point  boltwork
  • immobile bolts, which secure door after breaking the hinges
  • external door hinges
  • 180 degrees angle of opening the door
  • bolts protected against removing
  • lock protected against drilling and removing
  • key lock, class A
  • solid screw to fix a safe to ground

Droping module

  •  doors finished off with grinding stainless steel
  •  internal door hinges
  •  self-acting lock pin
  •  key lock class A

Additional equipment

    • key lock
    • combination lock
    • electronic lock



Night depository drop safes

Model External dimensions (mm)Internal dimensions (mm)Kind
of lock

WPM II – 16001600650570950525385K405
WPM II – 14001400650570750525385K365